Mazak to Showcase Advanced Motorsports Manufacturing Technology at IMIS

Florence, Kentucky November 14, 2012 — At the 2012 International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS), taking place Dec. 6 - 8 in Indianapolis, Ind., Mazak and its Indiana and Kentucky distributor Shelton Machinery will join forces in booth 2415. The companies will demonstrate how Mazak's advanced Multi-Tasking machine tools can meet the urgent demands and just-in-time logistics that drive race teams, car builders and performance part suppliers.

At IMIS, Mazak's INTEGREX i-200 Multi-Tasking machine will be on display, showcasing its reliability in consistently processing mid-size complex parts with efficiency, accuracy and speed. Also crucial to part processing is the INTEGREX i-200's high level of performance versatility that enables it to quickly adapt to the ever-changing demands of the motorsports industry.

Penske Racing, for example, uses Mazak Multi-Tasking machine tools to produce many of its critical engine and suspension components, maintaining "the team couldn't do what it does on the racetrack without Mazak machine tool technology."

The INTEGREX i-200, one of 13 Multi-Tasking machines in Mazak's INTEGREX i-Series, achieves DONE IN ONE® processing in a single setup. It incorporates all machining processes from raw material through final processing, including turning and milling operations. Furthermore, the INTEGREX i-200 is a Level 4 machine within Mazak's Five Levels of Multi-Tasking because it is capable of full, simultaneous 5-axis machining.

Mazak's Five Levels of Multi-Tasking allow manufacturers to precisely match machine capabilities to part-processing requirements. Machine features and functionalities within the other four levels range from Level 1 with single spindle and rotating tool capabilities and Level 2 with Y-axis off-center machining to Level 3 machines featuring independent milling spindle headstocks with B-axis indexing, as well as full Y-axis travels and tool storage, and Level 5 Ultra-Tasking machines with additional specialized machining functions and Multi-Tasking automation.

The INTEGREX i-200 employs an 8" chuck mounted on a 30 hp, 5,000-rpm turning spindle for tackling a wide range of applications from heavy-duty machining at low speeds to high-speed cutting of aluminum and other nonferrous materials. The machine's vertically mounted milling spindle provides 30 hp, 12,000 rpm and a rotating B-axis range of -30° to +240°. Mazak's unique roller cam drive for the B-axis ensures higher accuracy and rigidity, while providing zero backlash. A 36-tool (72-tool optional) magazine allows for fast tool changes and provides ample tooling for continuous part processing.

Mazak incorporates its MX Hybrid Roller Guide System into the INTEGREX i-200 for durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. The MX Hybrid Roller Guide System increases vibration dampening, extends tool life, handles higher load capacities and eliminates tramp oil in the coolant by utilizing a greener grease-based lubrication system.

For a compact Multi-Tasking machine, the INTEGREX i-200 provides an ample Y-axis travel of 9.8" (249 mm) and vertical X-axis of 24.2" (615 mm), with 4.92" (125 mm) below centerline. The machine accommodates parts up to 25.9" (657.8 mm) in diameter. And because its tool magazine is located at the front, machine operators can do programming and tool setup with minimal required movement. Additionally, all machine lubrication points and gages are gathered into a single panel for ease of viewing and maintenance.

The INTEGREX i-200 features Mazak's new MATRIX 2 CNC control designed specifically for optimized 5-axis machining. Within the control are both enhanced hardware and software functionalities that make the control easy to use while also delivering high accuracy and increased productivity. Control hardware performance is much faster with higher processing speeds for small increment operation. Furthermore, a 5-axis spline interpolation function included in the control's software provides smooth toolpaths from long block-by-block programs, easy tool vector control and shorter cycle times as well as superior 5-axis surface finishes.

About Mazak Corporation
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